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    General Information

    Actions portable video products are mainly used in video decoding, image display and other application, supporting multi-format picture decoding, multi-format HD video decoding, with rich screen interfaces such as CPU/RGB/LVDS, and special screen interface conversion chips (MIPI, eDP). The main application products include children robots, advertising machines, video greeting cards, digital photo frames, MP4 players and game consoles.

    This series of chips has the characteristics of high integration, high cost performance and low power consumption. Integrate VPU(Video Process Unit) , which can support multi-format compressed video decoding with 1080P and above resolution; Integration of display engine, rich LCD interface, integration of Nand Flash, eMMc and other memory controllers; And its rich peripheral interface, such as USB, SPI, Uart, I2S, I2C. In the video decoding application, in the industry leading position.

    Now launched portable video chips are mainly ATJ229R2 and S500.

    Technical Specifications


    Product Applications

    • Intelligent video player
    • advertising machine application
    • early childhood education equipment

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