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    General Information

    Actions portable audio series products provide high integration and high performance single chip solutions, mainly used in portable music player, portable recording pen and HIFI player products and other applications, but also can be used as high-quality audio codec processor.

    Actions portable audio series products provide complete specifications, excellent performance, and many years of industrial experience and technical accumulation, in the whole ecology has complete technical support and industrial chain integration ability. Support the whole format audio decoding (maximum support to 24 bit / 192 KHZ) and multiple formats of audio coding, supports various types of storage device (Nand/Nor/eMMC/SD card, etc.), support for video playback (maximum support to 320 * 240 resolution), support the picture browsing/ebook, and other functions.And this solution can cooperate bluetooth module realize audio emission. 

    In the performance part, the power consumption and stability of portable products are very important, and the overall scheme's active power consumption and standby power consumption are the industry leading level.

    The portable audio products are mainly ATJ2157, ATJ2167 and ATJ2127 series, among which ATJ2157 has become a new generation of mainstream products with higher performance and lower power consumption. ATJ2167 uses MCU+DSP dual-core architecture, HIFI quality audio playback characteristics, known as the first choice of high quality audio player.

    Technical Specifications


    Product Applications

    • Digital Audio Player
    • Multimedia Video Player
    • Digital Recorder
    • CarKit Player
    • other audio codec applications

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