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    Intelligent voice interaction

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    General Information

    Actions intelligent voice interaction products provide high integration and high performance intelligent voice interaction solutions, mainly used in wifi speaker, conference speaker, intelligent voice module, USB audio processing equipment and other product forms.

    Actions intelligent voice interaction product adopts dual-core architecture with high computing power, integrates VAD module, and has built-in large-capacity DDR. The scheme is adapted to many well-known speech pre-processing algorithms and post-processing sound effects algorithms. Operating system supports RTOS and Linux, has the advantage of fast startup and low cost. The intelligent voice interaction product can realize low standby power consumption and high voice interaction performance.

    Intelligent voice interaction products are ATS3607D and ATS3609D.

    ATS3607D is mainly used for screenceless intelligent voice interaction products such as wifi speaker and conference speaker.

    The ATS3609D can be used for LCD screens with small resolution, as well as smart home products with cameras and children's education products.

    Technical Specifications


    Product Applications

    • Home entertainment WIFI speaker
    • entertainment robot application with gesture recognition
    • children's education device with gesture recognition learning function
    • intelligent video monitor
    • intelligent voice device
    • cloud computing server/light client
    • Other local ASR devices and cloud-connected applications

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