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    Bluetooth Audio

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    General Information

    Actions Bluetooth speaker series products provide high integration and high performance Bluetooth audio single chip solutions, which are mainly used in the market of portable Bluetooth speakers, Soundbar TV speakers, headsets, car Bluetooth products, etc., and can also be used as Bluetooth smart voice assistant with mobile phones.

    Actions Bluetooth speaker series products provide complete specifications, leading performance. The full series supports Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode (classic MODE/LE MODE) or the higher version, Support APP/APK, TWS, local playback and multi-segment PEQ and DRC sound regulation, some products support Bluetooth 5.3 version; Some series of products support Audio Broadcast, Multi Point, HI-Res, audio effects adjustment and low latency mode. ATS283XP support LE Audio. Among them Audio Broadcast application supports several hundred speakers combination to play, the distance can be up to dozens of meters. Under low latency mode, Bluetooth transmission delay can be effectively reduced to 50ms or lower, which is suitable for occasions such as video watching and mobile games. Based on the LE Audio mode, the delay of ATS283X can be effectively reduced to 20ms or lower.

    Technical Specifications


    Product Applications

    • Portable stereo speaker
    • Bluetooth car audio
    • Bluetooth intelligent voice Assistant
    • Bluetooth stereo headset
    • other Bluetooth audio applications

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